Upholstery Food Spotting Tip

Upholstery Spotting Tip – Food or Drink Spill

14:44 08 October in Spotting Tips, Upholstery Spotting Tips

Prior to any spot treatment, we recommend you always test the spotting method in an inconspicous spot and see how it dries. If there is any color change (other than a clean spot) or water ring, discontinue spotting.

The one spotter we recommend always having on hand is Folex. Folex can be found at most grocery and hardware stores. This is a great general spotter that is residue free. Be very cautious of using other over the counter spotters as many on the market will do more harm than good. If you wonder about a specific spotter, please ask us.

  1. Blot up the excess spot.
  2. Blot with water.
  3. Dampen a clean white cloth with water.
  4. Spritz the cloth with Folex.
  5. Gently blot the fabric. Do not rub or you may fray the material.
  6. Let dry.

You may repeat these steps as necessary. Should you have any further questions on these steps or treating more specific stains, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist!