Sacramento Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Tile CleaningCeramic tile, granite, marble and other natural stone products have become some of the most desirable décor features in new homes and remodels.

They’re often sold as the most durable surfaces for flooring and countertops. Nevertheless, everything natural usually requires special treatment and care to maintain its beauty. Cleaning products that preserve the beauty of one type of stone will damage another.

Some people recommend using nothing more than water when cleaning. Does water alone suspend and remove ground-in soil, oil and grease? Have you ever cleaned grout successfully with plain water?

Our marble, stone, tile and grout protection program enables you to easily maintain your floors and counters with peace of mind and pride. Artistic Associates prepares new surfaces for the appropriate sealer and restores older surfaces by removing discolored sealers and dirt from grout. We apply state-of-the-art, penetrating sealers that do not alter the natural appearance, yellow, or attract soil and oil.

Sealed surfaces are more sanitary, more repellent to food and drink spills, easier to maintain, and, quite simply, more attractive. Ask us how Artistic Associates can help you enjoy the beauty of your marble, stone or tile!