Sacramento Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Before your company or institution decides to replace tile floors, countertops, walls and surfaces that seem beyond cleaning, contact Artistic Associates and GroutPro of Sacramento! Tile replacement is an expensive and time-consuming task. You pay for both labor and materials and you lose access to the area for a considerable amount of time. Artistic Associates and GroutPro save you from these losses in both time and money with the Clean, Color and Seal method of grout and tile restoration.

What is Clean, Color and Seal?

Tile is an extremely durable surface, but after years of use it gets covered in a film of cleansers, waxes, and plain old filth. This dulls and discolors the tiles, making them appear very unappealing. Even worse is the grout, the somewhat porous material between the individual tiles. Grout tends to collect mold and discolor, making an area that once was attractive and pleasant both smelly and unattractive. Clean, Color and Seal tackles these problems in a three-step process that prevents these issues from occurring in the future.

First We Clean

Using proprietary methods, we thoroughly clean both the tile and the grout, removing build-up, mold, mildew and stains. Just this process alone makes your tile and grout look like new again! Simply cleaning, however, is not enough, as the problems that led you to consider replacing your tile will simply come back if we only do a cleaning.

Next We Color

While tile is colorfast, grout tends to fade or change color over time. We color the grout to match its former appearance or to fit any new décor. The color choice is yours and the process guarantees a “like new” appearance.

Then We Seal

The final step is the most important part of Artistic Associate’s and GroutPro’s tile renovation process. We seal the grout so it is no longer porous or permeable. This means that water cannot work its way into the grout during future cleaning and maintenance. As a result, mold and mildew cannot build up on the grout and its color does not fade.

In effect, Clean, Color and Seal is more than just a tile renovation technique. It is also a method for tile preservation, lengthening the life of your investment. So before your business decides to tear out tile, contact us and ask about Clean, Color and Seal, our tile and grout restoration service. Artistic Associates and Grout Pro are here, providing you with the perfect partnership for cleaning and restoring tile!