Sacramento Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet CleaningAre you thinking about replacing your carpet because you think it just won’t come clean and look beautiful again? Most people replace carpet not because it wears out but because it “uglies out”.

Most carpet cleaning companies use only the scrub wand for hot water extraction. At best, this cleans two sides of a round tuft and only the top 25-30%.

Carpet Cleaning by Rotary Extraction

Artistic Associates almost always employs the use of rotary extraction. In fact, we were the first company in Sacramento to own one of these machines. It has proven time and again to perform miracles on “uglied out” carpet. It cleans deeper and restores pile like no other equipment we’ve ever used without over-wetting or distorting face pile. Of course, we cannot restore 100% of the hundreds of carpets we inspect each year. If we feel we cannot present a finished product that will “wow” you and add to our reputation, we will inform you of that. Sometimes we have to recommend replacement. However, we have restored many carpets that were thought to be in hopeless condition.

Our Carpet Cleaning Tools

In addition to our up-to-date equipment, we’ve designed and made many special tools that we use to clean under beds and desks and other hard-to-get-at-places, as well as the black filtration soil found along the very edge of some walls and stairs.

Carpet Cleaning Added Touches

When we move furniture aside, we also wipe the baseboards and remove cobwebs that sometimes develop behind furniture that is not normally moved. Extra care is given to your furnishings and walls by placing corner guards to protect the corners from our hoses.

Blankets are placed on hardwood and tile floors to protect them when we have to travel across them to get to the carpet. Our own walk-off mat is used at the door to avoid adding to the soil in your home or facility. We use and leave a supply of booties to enable you to use your carpet during the drying/curing process.

By the way, we use dryers while cleaning. However every carpet is different – the thicker and denser piles take longer to dry, just like our hair when it is thick and long or those thick, plush terry bath towels that take extra time in the dryer.

No doubt you’re getting the idea that we give attention to details other than just “swipe and wipe” cleaning. We’re not perfect, but we really try to be.

We would love the opportunity to show you why we say… “our work is an art“.