Sacramento Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Business furniture receives a lot of wear. Eight hours or more of every workday, someone is probably using your upholstery. After a period of time, the sweat from all these bodies starts to show. At that moment, the public and private opinion of your business is going to take a hit — no one likes to sit on a dirty chair or sofa.

You need regular commercial upholstery cleaning and Artistic Associates is the solution. We pride ourselves on providing Sacramento businesses with the following benefits:

Rapid and Flexible Service

You need your furniture. Right up there with the problem of “dirty furniture” is “no furniture.” Whenever possible, we are prepared to do all cleaning on site at a time convenient for you. The durable nature of most commercial furniture lends itself to onsite cleaning. When absolutely necessary to bring problem pieces into our cleaning laboratory, we do the repairs or restorations over the weekend and generally have them ready at the start of your work week.

Experienced Upholstery Cleaning

Artistic Associates represents decades of fabric cleaning experience. There is no material, stain or construction method that we have not encountered and which we cannot handle. Our mobile and in-house cleaning facilities offer the latest technologies, the most effective cleansers and the ability to work with clients that require green cleaning for sensitive customers.

Effective Equipment and Methods

When you ask for commercial upholstery cleaning you want to accomplish two things:

  • You want to preserve your furniture to save on capital costs.
  • You want to create the best impression for your customers with clean, fresh and appealing seating.

Meeting these goals requires the best in upholstery cleaning equipment and methods. Artistic Associates prides itself on its established knowledge, practical experience and continuing study of the safest and most effective means of cleaning and preserving upholstered goods.

Ask for a Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Estimate

Our estimates include the cost of onsite or offsite cleaning, as necessary. We guarantee your satisfaction in results and timing and the positive impression on your employees and clients as they benefit from our attention to quality and details.  Contact Artistic Associates now to arrange for a free consultation regarding your commercial upholstery cleaning needs!