Sacramento Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Regular commercial carpet cleaning presents benefits for your business, but specific challenges that may create concern.

You’re worried about down time — how long will it take?

The size of your commercial carpet may be large — can it be cleaned effectively without creating a significant drain on your budget?

Artistic Associates is ready to deal with these aspects of commercial carpet cleaning while providing the same quality service appreciated by Sacramento area home owners for over forty years. We employ two different methods of commercial carpet cleaning, based on the circumstances of our client.

Hot Water Extraction

Our first method of cleaning is hot water extraction. This system is truck-based, so it’s limited to facilities of a smaller size, or with ready access to waste water disposal and fresh water supply. Hot water extraction is powerful, efficient and effective — the highest industry standard for any type of carpet cleaning. We work around your schedule to complete the work when it’s most convenient for your company.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

For large or multi-story facilities, the best form of carpet cleaning is encapsulation. Encapsulation features many of the benefits of hot water extraction in a portable format. With encapsulation, Artistic Associates services large commercial carpet spaces, multi-story buildings and specific types of soiling or situations where encapsulation actually offers significant advantages in comparison to hot water extraction.

How Encapsulation Works

Encapsulation incorporates hot water, detergents and crystalizing polymers to “encapsulate” or trap dirt, soils and particulates in your carpets. The encapsulating solution quickly dries. Next, powerful vacuums extract the now crystalized polymers containing the soils and dirt. Future vacuuming actually makes the carpet even cleaner as more polymers continue to be removed from the soil.

Benefits of Encapsulation

Besides allowing for carpet cleaning in large commercial spaces, encapsulation is a faster cleaning method than hot water extraction and promotes quicker carpet drying. This is especially beneficial for businesses with short periods of time available for carpet cleaning. In many cases, the carpet can be used again almost immediately after the process is completed. Large amounts of square footage can be cleaned amazingly well, no matter the amount of soiling.

Free Estimates for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

At Artistic Associates, we consider ourselves the finest carpet cleaners in the Sacramento Valley. Our experience, equipment and dedicated team is prepared to handle the special demands of cleaning your commercial carpets. Allow us to examine your facility, determine the extent of your needs and the fastest and most efficient way of preserving your carpet investment now and into the future. Call us now to schedule a free quote.