Carpet Cleaning Pricing

Our pricing can vary depending upon age of your carpet, soiling condition and any specialized spotting needed such as pet decontamination. Here is a base guideline:

  • Carpet Cleaning
    $0.40 cents/square foot (maintenance cleaning)
  • Restoration Carpet Cleaning
    $0.40 – $0.43 cents/square foot (extra heavy soiling)
  • Stair Cleaning
    $3.50 – $6.00/riser
  • Carpet Protection
    $0.15 cents/square foot
  • Furniture Moving
  • Pet Decontamination
    starting at $65 (more than minor surface spots)
  • Carpet Spotting Only
    $125-150/hour (some spots require truck mount setup which is more)

Please note that we do have a minimum charge for truckmount setup which starts at $235 and covers 500 square feet.

To determine your square footage, simply measure the full length and width of the room and multiply them. For instance, a 10’x10′ room is 100 square feet.

Should you have any questions or need further clarification please contact us. We are happy to assist!