Benefits of Clean, Color and Seal

While tile is durable and easy to clean, people seldom say that about the grout holding the tile together. On bathroom surfaces, the pores in grout create spots for mold to attach. On kitchen surfaces, the grout catches all sorts of liquids that stain the original color. The solution to both problems is Clean, Color and Seal, now available in the greater Sacramento area from Artistic Associates.

Clean, Color and Seal offers the following benefits:

  1. Restore your grout to its original color and appearance.
  2. Color your grout a different shade to match new décor.
  3. Seal your grout so you never have to scrub it again.

The last benefit is guaranteed to save you a tremendous amount of time. Maintaining grout in its original state is often a chore. After the Artistic Associates sealing process, you clean your tile floors, countertops and surfaces with nothing more than mild soap and water! Use your toothbrush for cleaning your teeth, not your tile!

Artistic Associates uses the Clean, Color and Seal process because we are convinced it is the best treatment available for restoring your tile, creating a lasting new color and making grout easy to preserve and clean. Ask for a free quote today from Artistic Associates for Clean, Color and Seal!