Are you frustrated with your grout? Are you tired of scrubbing it with a toothbrush, trying to restore its original color? Would you like your tile to be beautiful and easy to clean? It sounds impossible, like saying you can “lose weight without exercise,” but the technology exists to restore grout, change its color permanently and make it simple to clean. The process is called Clean, Color and Seal and it’s available for our Sacramento customers from the maintenance experts at Artistic Associates.

What is Clean, Color and Seal?

  • First, we restore the grout. Many cleaning systems actually wear away the surface of the grout and make it more susceptible to staining. Our process avoids damage to your grout while removing stains and discolorations. For many customers, this is the first time they have seen the grout’s original color in years!
  • Second, if you want a new color for your grout, we treat the grout with deep-penetrating colorants. Many of our Sacramento clients have tried grout dyes with unsatisfactory results. The problem is that most grout dyes barely move past the surface of the material. Our process goes deep into the grout, creating color that lasts many years!
  • Third, we seal the surface. Since grout is porous, even after it dries it tends to stain and harbor bacteria or molds. Our process minimizes these pores while covering your grout with a clear, durable and long-lasting sealer.

Clean, Color and Seal — the ultimate grout restoration and preservation process and it is now available for Artistic Associates greater Sacramento customers!