About Artistic Associates

Marion Anson

Marion Anson – Owner

Artistic Associates was founded in 1970 by Jim Sabalow. We started as a janitorial and carpet cleaning company. In time, the janitorial service was sold and we focused on carpet and textile cleaning. Acquiring a storefront gave us room to “stretch our legs,” and we expanded our services offered.

In 2000, Marion Anson joined the team of Artistic Associates, assuming a production management position. As Jim Sabalow was having difficulties physically, this was perfect timing for someone such as Marion – strong, capable and caring – to take on more and more responsibility in cleaning and restoration as well as people management. Our client base quickly became accustomed to Marion as their main contact in cleaning.

In 2006, Jim Sabalow (owner from 1970-2006) retired due to a permanent disability. This was a painful decision as he was very attached to the business and cared greatly for his customers. He wanted to have confidence that the company’s reputation for customer care, attention to detail and personal concern would continue. Marion Anson was the perfect fit for this role.

In June of 2006, Marion Anson acquired ownership of Artistic Associates. Since that time, they have striven to maintain the same quality of care and expertise on which Artistic Associates was founded.

In 2016, a grout and tile specialist – Kirk Dunivan, joined the Artistic Associates team. He brought with him vast experience of repairing and restoring tile and grout with revolutionary new methods and technology.

For those of you who are already our customers, thank you for your loyal support over our nearly 50 years in business. To those of you that have yet to use our services, we look forward to the opportunity to gain your trust and confidence to fulfill all of your cleaning and restoration needs.