Sacramento Commercial Area Rug Cleaning

When you invest in an Oriental rug for your business furnishings, you’re investing in a certain décor, a specific style, that communicates the quality of your company to your clients. You want to preserve that investment and distinctive look with an equally masterful cleaning process. Artistic Associates is the first choice recommended by interior designers and decorators for commercial Oriental rug cleaning throughout the Sacramento Valley.

Much like carpets, rugs need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep their beautiful appearance. Even if a rug does not receive very much traffic, dust in the air and particulates settle on the surface and migrate into the fabrics. Professional cleaning is necessary to remove the buildup of dirt and grime every one to three years, depending on the amount of use the rug receives.

Since rugs are portable, for the best results we bring the rug into our workshop for professional attention. We employ cleansers that match the fabric, color dyes and age of the rug. With decades of accumulated experience in rug cleaning, we can guarantee that your oriental or custom rug will return as a showpiece item for your entry, office or boardroom. Reliable, expert and experienced commercial rug cleaning are here with Sacramento’s Artistic Associates! Contact us now for a complimentary quote.