What is Clean, Color and Seal?

Clean, Color and Seal is the advanced grout restoration, coloring and sealing process used by Artistic Associates. Our process was developed by a tile professional frustrated with the cleaning methods, dyes and sealers available from the tile industry. Basically, his experience showed that they simply did not work over time. Cleaning systems damaged grout instead of restoring it. Dyes failed to penetrate beyond the surface layer of the grout, resulting in uneven and short-lived color changes. Grout sealers did not do what they guaranteed.

Clean, Color and Seal was designed to address these three basic needs of the tile industry for cleaning, coloring and restoring grout. Development and testing started in 1959 and is ongoing to this day, demonstrating that Clean, Color and Seal performs as advertised for many years.

Our experience with the Clean, Color and Seal process confirms that we offer our customers the highest method for restoring, coloring and preserving their grout in the greater Sacramento area. Contact us today for a free quote on Clean, Color and Seal for your household or industrial tile installation.