Carpet Cleaning in Folsom, CA

Carpet CleaningFolsom’s first choice for carpet cleaning is Artistic Associates! Ask our satisfied customers from prominent Sacramento area businesses like Allied Custom Upholsterers, Rytina Fine Cleaners and various Sacramento area interior designers. They all recommend Artistic Associates! We present ourselves as your best option for carpet cleaning in Folsom for the following reasons:

Equipment – Although many companies employ the hot water extraction technique for carpet cleaning, Artistic Associates was the first in Folsom to employ the rotary extraction method. The common carpet wand used with plain hot water extraction only cleans the upper 30% of your carpet. Using rotary hot water extraction cleans deeper and more effectively. This reduces water use, which leaves your carpets drier after cleaning. Rotary hot water extraction is simply the best carpet cleaning process available in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction – More than forty years of good customer reviewsin Folsom and the Sacramento Valley speaks for itself. Since we are family-owned and operated, trustworthy people provide our service. Bonded and insured, Artistic Associates guarantees that every job is done only when the customer is satisfied!

Education – The lead technicians at Artistic Associates receive training from the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration). This is the pinnacle of carpet, tile and flooring training. Our training and preparation will leave your carpets in the best condition possible. Through continual updates and training, our employees learn to use the safest cleaning solutions and the most efficient methods for treating problems with modern carpet fabrics.

Honest Estimates – Artistic Associates never uses the “bait and switch.” Our estimates are based on three principles: determine how much and what kind of carpet is being cleaned, determine the amount of damage that needs restoration and the amount of furniture that we must move. Approximate estimates are available over the phone, based on the square footage of the carpet surface and the type of carpet fabric, but we can only give you an exact price after inspecting your carpet personally. After an explanation of our suggested service, we leave the decision to you. Once we start, you know exactly what you will be paying and we believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the great outcome.

Since we offer full-service carpet care, Artistic Associates repairs all types of carpet damage, even when it is caused by the challenges of pet urinewater stains or tobacco residues. Finally, we offer the application of safe fabric protectants that help prevent dirt and stains from bonding with your carpet fibers. For any type of carpet cleaning or restoration service, ask us and we can suggest a way to get the job done.

Our carpet cleaning clients from Folsom, California call us at 916.483.7400. Artistic Associates wants to help with all of your carpet cleaning needs!