Upholstery Cleaning in Folsom, CA

Upholstery CleaningYou spent a lot of money on your fine upholstery, but just one accident with food, wine, children, guests or pets and you are looking for an upholstery cleaner! Who can you call? Artistic Associates is the most qualified choice for upholstery cleaning in Folsom, California. Check the reviews and you will realize that our upholstery cleaning service receives clients from businesses like Rytina Fine Cleaners, Allied Custom Upholsterers, the most respected interior designers and satisfied clients. We care for Sacramento’s most complicated upholstery damage because of our expertise, our equipment, our honesty and our more than forty-year track record of excellent customer service.

Expertise – The leading technicians found at Artist Associates are IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) trained. That shows we know the science of matching fabric composition, weaves, style, color and finish with the proper procedures for restoring their original beauty. Without this skill, many restoration providers actually do more harm than benefit when trying to deal with your upholstered items.

Equipment – Artistic Associates has a custom facility to deal with all of our more complicated Folsom upholstery cleanings. Our restoration facility uses equipment available nowhere else in the Sacramento region. Here we clean soiling with chenille, wool, silk, jacquard and white or off-white fabrics. Our investment in the right equipment is your assurance of a job well done!

Honesty – Artistic Associates thoroughly examines every upholstery cleaning assignment before we agree to restore it. If the water damage, soiling from pet urine, staining or tearing is too bad to deal with, we tell you at the start. If years of successful restoration and training tell us that Artistic Associates cannot restore the upholstered item to its original condition, we will not take your money while just “attempting” to deal with it.

Customer Service – We earned our clients and our reputation by satisfying our customers, big and small, time after time. Artistic Associates is family-owned and operated, with more than forty years of outstanding customer reviews in Folsom and the Sacramento area. Our work is provided by workers you can trust.

Bonded and Insured – Artistic Associates guarantees that each and every assignment will be done properly and to your satisfaction. We are also fully insured to care for your upholstery.

Artistic Associates – the comprehensive upholstery cleaners for Folsom and the Greater Sacramento region. Rely on Artistic Associates to deal with furniture soiling from spills, pets, and water damage and the odors from smoke, animals or other causes. Plus, we can lengthen the lifetime and appearance of your furnishing investment with the best in safe fabric protectants that save your furnishing investment from serious soiling in the first place.

Please ask for a visit with Artistic Associates at 916.483.7400. Our workers are happy to meet your needs.