Carpet Cleaning in Orangevale, CA

Carpet CleaningYour superior choice for carpet cleaning in Orangevale, California is Artistic Associates. Ask our happy clientele and prominent Sacramento area businesses like Rytina Fine Cleaners, Allied Custom Upholsterers and respected Sacramento Valley interior designers. They unreservedly recommend Artistic Associates! We are your superior choice for carpet cleaning in Orangevale for the following reasons:

Equipment – While many businesses employ hot water extraction for carpet cleaning, Artistic Associates was the first in the Orangevale area to employ rotary extraction for cleaning carpets. The common carpet wand only services the upper 30% of your carpet – rotary hot water extraction cleans deeper and more efficiently, reducing water use and providing the best possible carpet appearance.

Education – With Artistic Associates, your carpets are never left to guesswork! Our technicians are trained by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Entering into your home, cleaning your carpets with a wand, and leaving your carpets hardly better than before is not how Artistic Associates works. So do not expect a plain, clueless carpet cleaner when we visit! Based on studies and research, our staff is tested in the foremost procedures, the safest cleaning methods and the current requirements for appropriately cleaning all carpet types.

Honest Estimates – Artistic Associates never uses a low estimate only to ask for additional money after the job is completed. Our quotes are simple and determined with three basic concepts: determine what type and how much carpet is being fixed, determine the extent of damage restoration and the amount of furniture that requires moving. We provide initial quotes beforehand, based on the square footage of the carpet surface and the type of fabric material, but an exact quote does require inspecting a carpet on site. After providing the estimate, we leave the decision to you. Our clientele understand exactly what they are paying for and we routinely leave them pleasantly surprised by the exceptional results.

Customer Satisfaction – We have more than forty years of positive customer reviews in Orangevale and the Sacramento Valley. Artistic Associates is family-owned. Trustworthy people provide our services. Bonded and insured, Artistic Associates guarantees that the job will be done properly!

Artistic Associates is a full-service carpet care provider. We clean carpet damage from almost any agent, even odors and staining from pet urine. Water damage to carpets and even carpet odors or discoloration from tobacco are remedied with our experience, equipment and resources. Finally, extend the life of your floor covering with the application of safe fabric protectors that keep stains and dirt from permanently binding to your carpet fibers.

We encourage our potential carpet cleaning clients from Orangevale tocontact us at 916-483-7400. Artistic Associates is happy to assist with all of your carpet cleaning needs!