Oriental Rug Cleaning in Elk Grove, CA

Oriental rugs and custom-designed floor coverings are considerable investments. Like your car or house, quality rugs need regular maintenance and care to keep up their gorgeous appearance and value. Wondering who can you trust in Elk Grove to clean your Oriental and custom rugs? Artistic Associates is recommended by Rytina Fine Cleaners, Allied Custom Upholsterers and Sacramento’s finest interior designers for full-service maintenance and repair of Oriental and specialty rugs.

Artistic Associates is your best option in Elk Grove for cleaning Oriental rugs for the following reasons:


We have been fine tuning our area rug cleaning process for over 40 years. Our customized procedures are effective on even the toughest of stains such as pet contamination. Having issues with moths? We can help with that as well.


When your rug is in our possession, we treat with the same care and attention that we would treat our own rugs. Still, for your peace of mind, we are also fully bonded and insured.


The common carpet cleaning company is seldom qualified to repair Oriental rugs. Most cleaning procedures designed for synthetic fibers will damage the natural fabrics, like wool or silk, typically used for creating custom floor pieces. Artistic Associates has more than forty years of experience with Oriental rugs and specific training from the professionalInstitute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. This expertise is essential if you want to keep your unique rug, instead of undergoing the hassle of making an insurance claim and shopping for a replacement.


Artistic Associates treats your wool, silk and traditional Oriental rugs in our facilities. After being carefully hand washed, your rugs will return to your home looking fabulous. Your precious investment is handled by us every step of the way and never spends time with a subcontractor.

We look forward to proving to you why we are the cleaning service Elk Grove rug owners can trust! You may contact us at 916.483.7400.